Cosmetic Dermatology

While over the counter skincare is a great way to prevent premature skin aging and to maintain healthy skin, it often simply isn’t enough to do some major skin makeover. By major skin makeover, I mean hoping to get completely rid of wrinkles or under-eye bags, or to correct seriously uneven skin texture and tone (acne scarring, sun damage).

So here’s a non exhaustive list of different treatment options available today, in case you are curious.

PS: Always make sure to deal with a serious dermatologist before undergoing procedures.


〉 Botox

Probably the most known, and effective way tackle wrinkles. Non surgical, done in a few minutes by injecting low doses of Botox in the muscles causing wrinkles to appear. The product blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles who were injected. This way, the inconvenient muscles can be calmed down for up to 6 months. There’s no down time, and little risk. When it is well done, people can’t tell. Thats why you should make sure your doctor knows how to work that syringe. Negative aspect, Botox does become a considerable source of spending in the long run. I think it’s better to resist the temptation when too young, wait till you thirties. Sadly, preventive Botox isn’t a real thing *sigh*.

〉 Chemical Peels

High concentration chemical peels can be performed in beautycians or other professionnals. Unlike low strength chemical peels that can be performed at home everyday, these usually contain at least 20-25% concentration of Trichloroacetic acid (TCA). Your face will be red after the treatment, and there will be a down time for up to a week. Which is a long time. But it’s also a safe and non-invasive option for someone who needs to work deeper on his skin. Great for issues concerning hyperpigmentation, rough texture of the skin and sun dammage. Allows you to acheive more than you could ever acheive with only skincare

〉 Dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid fillers)

Often used in combinaison with Botox, it is also very effective at fighting (temporarelly) the signs of aging, as well as painless and free of down time. Like the name implies, it fills the cracks, hence a subtle lifting and contouring effect. Great for volume loss. It can also, by injecting volume at the right spots, magnify the “architecture’ of your face. Can also give you very provocative lips (please don’t haha).


This procedure aims to work on the quality of the skin, more precisely its texture and tone. It takes less than an hour, but requires application of anaesthesia all over the face. With the help of little motorized brushes and sanding wheels the skin is scrubbed like never before. A series of treatment need to be done to effectively rework the texture and the complexion of skin. Redness and downtimes are to be expected.

〉 Intense Pulsed Light

Intense Pulsed Light, or photorejuvenation therapy, uses the power of pulsed light to stimulated collagen production. It  is particularly advised for people with skin badly affected by sun damage. A great tool to work on issues related to the complexion of the skin like age spots or dilated blood vessels. It takes a few treatment to be effective (3 to 5

〉 Laser Treatments

  • Vascular Laser

The Vascular laser targets blood vessels in the skin. It’s mostly used to treat broken blood vessels and discolorations of the skin.

  • Fractional Laser

Very effective, but also very harsh. Has its share of potential side effects. This is for some major skin make-over.

  • Pigmented Lesions Laser

These lasers can be used to treat sun spots, skin discoloration, or tattoos.

〉 Prescription Retinol (vitamin A)

Not really a treatment, as it is simply a  cream to apply at home. But you do have to get a prescription to get the potent stuff. Not worth buying from mass market derived products, as the form usually isn’t as near as potent as prescription Retinol. To use with moderation, very drying on the skin. But it’s probably the most effective form of anti aging cream you can get, one of de very few  that can actually tackle wrinkles, with a bit of patience.

〉 Radio-frequency treatments

The most effective treatment for saggy skin. The energy delivered to skin during radio-frequency treatments stimulates the level of collagene production for a few months. The best results are oberved around 6 months after the end of treatments. Firmer skin developes itself thanks to Radio-frequency.


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