Essences / Serums

Now here is the fun step of your skincare routine. The step where you can truly personalize your skincare according to your concerns, as well as play mad scientist.

Applied under moisturizer, these products boost your skincare by providing concentrated doses of potent ingredients. An ocean of possibilities awaits you. Trying out different combinations can be a lot of fun. But beware! A lot of serums out there are not as potent as they claim to be. Be sure to carefully look at the ingredient list and see if the active ingredients are somewhere at the top of the ingredients list.

〉Whats the difference between an essence and a serum ?

Those two categories kinda intertwine, and may be hard to differentiate at times. You don’t need both, they serve the same function -which is to boost skincare.

Basically, an essence should ressemble a toner (and therefore could potentially replace a toner). Lighter and more watery than a serum, it is meant to be applied first. The serum, thicker and oilier, should be applied after. Remember, always apply products from the most watery to the oiliest (lighter to thicker).

〉How much  different essences or serums can I apply ?

As much as you want! But you might end up with very oily looking skin. The trick is to have self-control and not apply too much (I know, it’s hard. Requires practice).

You can either layer the products one after the other, or mix them together and apply them all at once.

〉Typical ingredients found in essences and serums :

– Antioxydants

– Hydration level boosting ingredients

– Skin soothing ingredients

– Nourrishing ingredients



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