Facial Cleansing

Cleansing as an important step in an anti-aging skincare routine.

Poorly cleansed skin, clogged with products, sebum, dirt, and particles of pollution will age faster. 

Goal: to effectively remove impurities from the skin, while avoiding to disrupt the skin barrier

In fact, we really want to make sure we’re not disrupting the skin’s moisture barrier 2x per day. Doing so would create an irritated and dysfunctional skin barrier,  a situation of neverending battle with our face. Urgh. Moreover, chronic skin irritation is a definitive factor of premature aging in the long run. So let’s all promise ourselves to always be gentle with our skin. Now: slowly and gently caress ur face with the tip of ur fingers.. oh yeah; feels good right? that’s self-love *yikes*. Lastly, the pH level of a cleanser is something worth looking up.

〉 Low PH cleansers (pH level around 5.5), advantages:

  • slightly acidic, like your skin in its natural state (pH around 5).
  • Minimizes the disruption of the moisture barrier caused by cleansing (vry important)
  • Slightly acidic environments are less hospitable to bacterias responsible for pimples.
  • Allows better absorption of PH dependant products live Vitamin C (requiring a low PH level to be effective)

〉 Foaming cleansers :

There are different types of textures for cleansers (gel, milk-like, foaming,..). I’d simply like to say all my trust is in low pH foaming cleansers. They’re the best at doing their job, there’s no competition. Highly effective at removing impurities, without being too harsh.

〉 Cleansing :

  • Using your fingers, do quick circular movements on the surface of your skin. Exercise the least pressure possible, your products will do the work for you.
  • Only use cold to lukewarm water. Using hot water to clean your face will disrupt it and dry it out. I know it might be hard in winter, but please resist the temptation.

〉 Removing sunscreen and makeup:

Double Cleansing with an Oil Cleanser

At the end of the day, when its time to cleanse the face, we need extra help in order to remove makeup and sunscreen. Yep. sunscreen is hard to remove and therefore requires the same care as makeup would -so be sure not to skip the step. For doing so, your (new) best friend is an oil cleanser. You can be sure all traces of makeup and sunscreen will be removed with an oil cleanser…without irritating your skin

Step 1: Apply cleansing oil on your fingers then spread it on your dry face doing circular movements. Here again, avoid exerting too much pressure. Oil is very effective at removing dirt, makeup, and sunscreen (which is oil based). Rinse.

Step 2: Cleanse with your regular cleanser. This will remove oil and any remaining residues.

Remember, we want to avoid exercising unnecessary physical friction on the surface of the face when cleansing. #skinbarrierpreservation 

〉 About the Clarisonic. Should you get it? (no)

Personally, I’ve never tested the Clarisonic, but I have read about it. After doing my research I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t something I wanted to add to my skincare arsenal. The main advantage of using a Clarisonic seems to be that it provides  “deep cleansing” as well as skin exfoliation. However, it might actually be too harsh to use every day and cause more harm than good in the long term. Chemical exfoliators are the way to go for a deeper yet frictionless skin exfoliation.


〉Products tested and recommended :

CeraVe Foaming facial cleanserCeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser (THE BEST ♥)

  • Great cleanser (and overall brand) at a great value!
  • Easy to find in regular drugstores.
  • Perfectly formulated: It keeps the moisture barrier intact and doesn’t contain any irritants.
  • Low PH level (around 5.5)
  • Notable ingredients: Niacinamide, Ceramides, hyaluronic acid.

Link to the product description, CeraVe website

Facial cleanser COSRX low ph

COSRX Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser:

  • A classic amongst Korean skincare enthusiasts.
  • Formulated with botanical ingredients and mild acids. It isn’t too harsh on the skins moisture barrier, though not at gentle as CeraVe.
  • Low Ph level (around 5.1)
  • It has a gel texture which quickly turns into foam when you wash your face.

Available at SokoGlam or on Amazon

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