using Facial toner


Like many, in the past I had bad experiences with conventional toners from western brands. Those astringents toners (usually with Alcohol) would irritate my skin and dry me out. So until recently still, the only products I would use as toners were water mists. Which I still like to spray on before applying an actual toner. In itself it constitutes a very decent toner, as it calms skins and delivers moisture (pure water) before locking it in with a moisturizer.

Since, I’ve decided to try Korean treatment toners for the first time a month ago and I love it. I appreciate this step in my skincare routine, as it seems to nourish my skin as well as prepare it for the next products, without making my skin oily or anything. Apparently it should even help your skin control its production of sebum.

The main purpose of a toner is to hydrate your skin (make it moist) so it can absorb your essence/serum/moisturizer better afterwards, doing so also allows your moisturizer to lock more moisture in. On top of that, toners contain different nourishing ingredients making this step them a treatment in itself amongst your daily routine.

〉So, should you use a toner? Yes! Look for a treatment toner with potent ingredients to boost your skincare routine.

〉Not into toners at all? It’s fine, but I would advice you make sure your face is not completely dry before applying your products. For better absorption, but also because you want to lock in moisture with your cream, so better add some moisture before, right? You could simply splash tap water on your face, or you could treat yourself with thermal water sprays, or even grape water (Claudalie’s).

〉Products tested and recommended:

Klairs supple preparation facial toner

Klairs Supple Prepation Facial Toner

-Treatmeant toner : smooths and nourrishes skin.

-Might help control your faces sebum production.

-Low PH level (around 5.5)

Available at SokoGlam or Amazon


Avene thermal spring water spray

Avène Thermal Spring Water

-A product that I instantly restock when done.

-Great way to hydrate skin, deliver moisture before applying thicker concealing products to lock in moisture.

-Pure thermal water : has skin soothing properties, great for redness.

-Easy to find in regular drugstores.

Link to product description Avenes website


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