Skin care

Skincare Philosophy

My goal – to provide you with accurate and empowering information concerning skin care.

Facts over hyper. Prevention is key. A holistic approach to skincare.

Skincare today is very exciting, Antioxydants, peptides, ceramides, or even snail mucin or ferment extracts : These are all researched or new ingredients that offer very exciting opportunities. You now have, more than ever, the power to prevent premature aging. But no single miracle ingredient exists. A complete skincare routine needs to be set.   

Go see the Anti Aging Skin Care Guide as well as the page Ingredients you want in order to master the art of skincare.

Sometimes skincare isn’t enough. Skincare is all about prevention. To address serious skin damage, a variety of non-invasive cosmetic interventions practised by dermatologists and professionals provide effective results, with little risk.

⇒ Go see the section Cosmetic Dermatology to see treatment options available.

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